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Also, please make sure you are signed up for the choir remind accounts and that you are receiving our burst emails. If you have not been receiving emails, please email Mr. Krug with a preferred email address at zkrug@murrieta.k12.ca.us

Musical May

Happy May everyone!

For this last full month of school, we will changing our weekly structure. Throughout the next coming weeks, there will be additional projects such as virtual choir recordings, recruitment videos, our choir banquet, and of course, graduation. To allow all of this to happen without too much piling on to your busy work loads, assignments and material will only be posted every Monday. 

Your assignments will consist of weekly Sight Reading Factory and Music Theory.net goals as well as responses to enrichment listenings of selected choirs and choral repertoire. 

Additionally, if any of you wish to record yourselves singing or playing any music, you can submit it at any time and it will be posted the following Monday!

Click HERE to go to the Musical May page.

Graduation Virtual Choir!

All freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will need to submit a video or recording of themselves singing a selection from a choral piece to be determined by Mr. Krug. Additionally they will sing a major scale based off of C, G, and Bb, each higher than the last and finally an 8 measure melody. All these exercises are things we have done in class. This is an opportunity for me to hear each individual student's vocal quality, confidence, and range, all of which are essential for placing you correctly in a choir level next year. I understand this is nerve racking for some of you, however you are welcome to do as many retakes on your video as you wish until you get the result you want. I will record and example audition video and post when the time comes.


Audition materials are posted! Follow the link below! Videos or recordings are due THIS FRIDAY!


Welcome to the Vocal Project Audition page!

Vocal Project is the competitive a cappella group at VMHS formerly known as Jazz Choir. VP meets as a class and is open to students from all over the VMHS campus. We are looking for students who can not only sing, but who are confident performers. This means moving, light choreography, having tons of passion and energy, and putting on a show!


RCOE Arts Competition

The Riverside County Office of Education is hosting a virtual arts competition for all Riverside county students. The competition runs for six weeks and each week has a different theme and a different art medium. All students are encouraged to check out the website and participate in one or as many of the weeks as they wish! First week's entries start 3/25 and are due 3/31!


Distance Learning Resources 

Remind Codes:

Chamber: @vmchamber

Adv. Women's: @vmwomens

Adv. Chorale: @vmchorale

Women's: @vmbwomen's

Text message to 81010 or download the remind app.

Sight Reading Factory

Student Code: buakpc

Go to www.sightreadingfactory.com and type the student code into the designated area, select your age range, and you're off!

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