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Monday, April 6th

Welcome to our first Movement Monday! Today, we will be having an introduction into the world of Body Mapping and the Alexander Technique! If you do not know what these are, that is a good thing. Both are methods of achieving the ideal body alignment to allow one to do any activity without any restriction. This includes everything from singing to football, homework to sleep, sitting to running, and everything else you can imagine. 

Today's lessons start with the absolute basics and point out some startling truths about the location of various joints and bones on your body. I can continue to explain, but I will instead let the professionals do that with the videos I have provided! 


Please watch all of the videos and participate along to your comfort level. Afterwards, follow your designated Haiku link to the discussion board and briefly share your thoughts on the days activities by answering a few brief questions. No essay answers, research, citing, or formality needed. I simply want to know your experience and want you all to have an opportunity to share with your classmates. Happy Moving!

Important Note: Students in multiple classes only need to post in one class discussion. You may choose which class you would like to discuss in or copy and paste your answers into all your enrolled classes if you like!


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Monday, April 13th

On this Movement Monday, we are continuing, by popular request, to explore the Alexander Technique! Specifically, we are looking at the subtle ways we affect our own bodies in subconscious ways. Whether it is through texting, restricted breathing, tongue placement, shoulder lifting, who knows!? Below is a video that will calmly bring your attention to the world around you and open your eyes! Also included is the author's blog on Alexander Technique and how it applies to every day life, for your continued enjoyment.

Also included, as an optional viewing, is an extensive discussion with a certified vocal coach and Alexander Technician talking about "AT" as it applies to singing (something we will be exploring more in future weeks. View this video as an option.


View the "You are Here" video and respond to the prompt questions on Haiku.

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Monday, April 20th

Can you believe its our third Movement Monday!? I hope you all have been keeping yourselves busy, active, and moving!

Today, we are guided once again by Alison Taylor, a certified Alexander Technician who will lead us in releasing tensions and mismapings in our neck and shoulders. You are all doing a wonderful job of giving crucial feedback each week for me to better help you and find videos that suit your needs. Keep staying in tune with your own bodies from day to day and I challenge you to constantly be checking yourselves for tensions/mismapings and allow them to release. 

Additionally today, Alison Taylor will talk with us about using Alexander Techniques to help with symptoms of Anxiety and discomfort. This is essential and highly useful for everyday life, especially now!


Watch and participate (to your comfort level) both videos and respond to the prompt questions on Haiku.

Monday, April 27th

Hello everyone!

The only assignment you have this week is to complete your choir audition video or audio recording. This is a mandatory assignment necessary for proper placement into choir next year. 

If you do not have the ability to record yourself via video or audio, you MUST email me immediately and let me know. You will not be penalized. 

Graduating seniors, you do not have an assignment this week. 

Follow THIS LINK to submit your video or audio link!


I am still accepting submissions for our Fun Friday! If you would like to perform, play, or compose ANYTHING, please submit it to THIS LINK and it will be shared! 

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