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Event Calendar


  • 21st, 7pm: All Program Meeting (AC)

  • 23rd, TBD : Chick Fil A Fundraiser (AC)

  • 25th, 9am-12pm: New York Rehearsal (NY)


  • 3rd-17th: World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser(AC)

  • 5th, 3pm-5pm: Combined Advanced Women's Rehearsal (AW)

  • 8th, 9am-12pm: All Program Retreat (AC)

  • 24th, TBD: Advanced Women's & Chorale Disneyland (C & AW)

  • 26th, TBD: Restaurant Fundraiser (AC)


  • 10th, TBD: Restaurant Fundraiser (AC)

  • 11th, 3pm-5pm: Combined Advanced Women's Rehearsal (AW)

  • 17th, 3pm-4:30pm: Rehearsal with Matthew Wheeler (NY)

  • 17th, 7pm-9pm: Concert Rehearsal (AC)

  • 18th, 5pm-9pm: Spring Concert (AC)

  • 21st, 9am-12pm: New York Rehearsal (NY)

  • 21st, 1pm-3pm: Acapella Auditions 

  • 23rd-25th, 3pm-6pm: Choir Auditions

  • 24th, TBD: District Choir Showcase (CC)

  • 25th, TBD: Restaurant Fundraiser (AC)

  • 26th: 3pm-4pm: Chamber Choir Callbacks

  • 28th, TBD: Oceanside Jazz Festival (J)


  • 7th, 7pm: New York Chaperone Meeting 

  • 11th, TBD: Car Wash Fundraiser (AC)

  • 13th, 6pm-9pm: 8th Grade Invitational Night (AC)

  • 16th, 7pm: New York Briefing Meeting (NY)

  • 18th, 9am-12pm: New York Rehearsal (NY)

  • 22nd-26th: New York Trip (NY)


  • 8th, TBD: Senior Choir Banquet

  • 9th, 9am-4pm: Broadway Rehearsal (AC)

  • 18th-21st, 3pm-6pm: Broadway Rehearsal (AC)

  • 22nd-23rd, 5pm-9pm: Broadway Show (AC)

  • 29th, TBD: Choir Banquet (AC)


  • 4th, TBD: Graduation (CC & Seniors) 


CC = Chamber Choir

AW = Advanced Women's

C = Chorale

W = Women's

J = Jazz

AC = All Choirs

NY = New York Choir