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Friday, April 10th

It's Fun Friday y'all! Today, we will be starting out in my comfort zone with looking at the world of acapella music! Below, you will find plenty of videos demonstrating all that the world of acapella has to offer. I have included both live and "studio" videos to show the difference a good audio engineer makes. I want to note that some of these groups have some auto-tuning involved in their studio recording (including Pentatonix), however, what is amazing is what they do live. In a live situation, auto tuning can't happen effectively, so they use added reverb, depth control, and inner ear monitors with a track of their parts, so they are always hearing everything as it is supposed to be. 

Fun Fridays are supposed to be FUN! Therefore, the discussion on Haiku is very open ended; simply share your opinions! I intended on this music being study music or casual listening of sorts.  Do not feel like you have to listen to all of the videos. I wanted to provide a variety. Feel free to dive deep into any of these artist's channels to discover more great music! Enjoy!


Share your thoughts about the different acapella groups on Haiku


Next week we will be looking at amateur song writers from Instagram and Youtube. If you have a favorite amateur or rising musician that you follow on social media, send me their information to my email

Friday, April 17th

Its Fun Friday everyone!

Today we are looking at great song writers! What does that mean? I am not talking about your Katy Perry's or your Jonas Brothers. While they are very popular and are loved by millions, that is what makes them pop artists. A great song writer is an artist who is able to write music and perform it and portray a meaningful message while still captivating an audience. This is much harder to do in today's world! Pop music has become popular and repetitive because our world is fast paced and ever changing so we always want what is new and next and we want to move on to the next song. Why do you think that pop songs all follow the same structure and are all about 3 minutes long? On the other hand, you get a great song like Bohemian Rhapsody that is over 8 minutes long and it still captivates audiences world wide. 

Today, I hope to show you some artists who have and are writing great songs that you might want to get into!


Listen to the videos at your leisure and post your thoughts on the discussion board.

Submission from Brennan Trudel

Friday, April 24th

On today's Fun Friday, it is a challenge day! 

I challenge all of you to sing something, play something, write/compose something and record it! Then SUBMIT IT! Next friday, I will be posting all of your submissions for a program spotlight Fun Friday! 

So, anything at all you want to sing, play, or share, please record it and submit it to the dropbox link below!

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!


Friday, May 1st

Happy May Day!

Fun Friday today is showcasing the amazing talent in our very own choir! I am so blown away with the submissions received this week. First, let me applaud you all who submitted for being willing to share your music. We all know how nerve racking it can be to sing solo and put it online for the world to hear. Please know that your friends and fellow Broncos are here to only show their support and love for your hard work!

Below you will find your fellow choir members giving it their all! 

Thank you to the following students for submitting!

Click on their name for their video/recording)

Amber & Emily Bouvet

Athyna Pundsingh (coming soon)

Bradley Hitchcock

Caly Monge

Emily Vazquez

Emory Mitchell

Jessica Perez

Leah Williams

Leela Palmer

Megan Tomsik

Mikaila Williams

Selena Kamosa

Enjoy your fellow students' performances!

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