Theory Thursday

Thursday, April 9th

Happy Theory Thursday everyone!

Today, we are starting off simple. Everyone needs to login to Sight Reading Factory with the free student account code provided below and put in 10 minutes of practice work. 5 minutes on melodies and 5 minutes on rhythm. Of course you are allowed to do more and go ahead and explore the site! Try different keys, time signatures, and levels! 

Just for point of reference, we were doing 4/4 time signatures and doing levels 1 & 2 on melodies and rhythms and had been doing C major and G major in melodies. 


To find the "cheat sheet" for solfege on any key, just google search Eb Major Solfege (for example) and look under images and you will have plenty of options!


Practice on Sight Reading Factory for 10 minutes (5 minutes melodies, 5 minutes rhythm)


Student Code: buakpc

Thursday, April 16th

Happy Theory Thursday everyone!

Today you are all going to log some more time on Sight Reading Factory. At this point, I have only received confirmations that about 1/3 of the program has redeemed the student code for SRF online. Please use this free resource while you can!

Also today, we are going to be exposed to the art of Konnakkol, the South Indian rhythmic language art form. I have included a few videos below to introduce you to the art, explain exactly what it is, as well as display some absolute masters! 

If you want to know more, feel free to research more into the world of Konnakkol!


Practice for 10 minutes on Sight Reading Factory (5 minutes melody, 5 minutes rhythm) CLICK HERE

Student Code: buakpc


Thursday, April 23rd

I don't know about you, but it feels like a THEORY THURSDAY! WOOT WOOT!

Today we are heading over to to explore their exercises!

This is a wonderful resource with tons of lessons and practice for all areas of music theory. Today, your focus is note identification, key signatures, and intervals. In a future week, we will take a look at chords and how to identify them!


Go to and go to exercises and practice note identification, key signatures,, and intervals each for 5 minutes!

No discussion today!


Explore the site with its lessons and exercises!

Thursday, April 30th

Hello everyone!

The only assignment you have this week is to complete your choir audition video or audio recording. This is a mandatory assignment necessary for proper placement into choir next year. 

If you do not have the ability to record yourself via video or audio, you MUST email me immediately and let me know. You will not be penalized. 

Graduating seniors, you do not have an assignment this week. 

Follow THIS LINK to submit your video or audio link!


I am still accepting submissions for our Fun Friday! If you would like to perform, play, or compose ANYTHING, please submit it to THIS LINK and it will be shared! 

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