Tuesday, April 7th

Happy first Talent Tuesday everyone! Today, we will be looking at an exquisite piece by Jake Navarund, "Let My Love Be Heard". This piece is full of uplifting messages and beautiful music. My master's group was just working on it for our concert to be presented at the beginning of this month. We suddenly had to cut our weekend short as you know but before we all left, through sobbing eyes, we sang through this piece one more time. I have included the composer's official recording as well as the copy of the sheet music for you to sing along at your pleasure!

Also today, we will be appreciating the work of Clovis East High School Choraliers! This is their women's ensemble comprised of what looks to be freshmen through juniors. I had the opportunity to see them perform live at my ACDA conference back in March which is a huge honor for a choir program.


Listen to these three videos and respond to the questions on Haiku


I am in the final couple weeks of my programming class for my master's and I thought some of you might enjoy listening to the programs I have put together over the weeks. This is for casual listening or for those who want to learn a little extra about the choral world! I will include the playlist below as well as my program notes!


If you have a recommendation for a choir or choral piece that you would like to be featured on an upcoming Talent Tuesday, email me at zkrug@murrieta.k12.ca.us with your ideas and they WILL be included!


Gentlemen’s Songs



Vive La Compagnie! – Arr. John Leavitt – 1:05

Ihr Bruder, Lieben Bruder Mein – Johann Schein Arr. Jim Leininger – 1:10

A Drink For Each Song – J. David Moore – 4:09

A Bacchanalian Song – Jack Curtis Dubowsky – 2:46

What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor? - Robert Shaw – 2:51



When I Fall in Love – Arr. Jay Giallombardo – 4:19

Greensleeves – Arr. King’s Singers Version – 3:23

Two Morely Madrigals for Men – Arr. Leibergen – 5:04

  • I Love Alas I Love Thee

  • It Was A Lover And His Lass

Red, Red, Rose – Arr. Eric Barnum – 5:20

When She Loved Me – Arr. Jim Kahlke – 4:13



Shenandoah – Arr. Kevin A. Memley – 4:20

Ward, The Pirate – Ralph Vaughn Williams – 2:39

Down by the Sally Gardens – Arr. Ben Bram – 4:10

Ching A Ring Chaw – Aaron Copland – 1:55

The Parting Glass – Arr. Karen Marrolli – 2:28

Tuesday, April 14th

On this Talent Tuesday, we will be appreciating the fantastic work of John Byun and the Riverside City College Chamber Singers. Many of you have probably had the fortunate opportunity to hear them live before. If not, do not fear, your time will come soon enough while being in our program! This choir delivers exquisite musical products year after year and is invited to the ACDA conference every few years, which is a huge honor! They travel around the globe and perform with top artists including Eric Whitacre and Avi Kaplan! 

I just recently had the opportunity to hear them live again at my ACDA conference and they were, of course, stunning! Below, you will find videos from their previous ACDA performance. 

Also, we have a few recommendation submissions!

From Mark Munoz: Spaseniye Sodelal (Salvation is Created) and Heilig Arr. Felix Mendelssohn

From Brennan Trudel: The Stars Stand Up in the Air by Eric William Barnum

If you have any reccomendations for Talent Tuesday, please feel free to submit them via email!


Listen to videos at your pleasure and respond to the prompt on Haiku!

Tuesday, April 21st

Happy Talent Tuesday everyone!

Today we are taking a look at the music of Eric Whitacre. For those of you who don't know, Whitacre is a choral composer of great fame and success due to his particular dissonant (crunchy) chord style. His works are mysterious, floating, captivating, and beautiful. His style is always recognizable as he moves from chord to chord in a jumpy way that no other composer does. Others mimic his style to some fashion, but his compositions stand for themselves.

Fun fact, he originally wanted to be a rock star but when he realized his success would not be found their, he stuck with the choral arts and became a composer and self taught conductor.


Listen to the pieces below and share your thoughts on the haiku discussion board.


I have included my final concert programmed from my master's semester. This is NOT mandatory listening, simply bonus for anyone who wants to hear some great choral music!




Give Me Your Stars to Hold – Richard Waters – 3:22

I Am Loved – Christopher H. Harris – 2:57

And Sure Stars Shining – Z. Randall Stroope – 4:30

For A Breath of Extasy – Michael John Trotta – 38:00



To the Thawing Wind – Joshua Fishbein – 3:00

Nothing Gold Can Stay – Timothy P. Cooper – 4:30

Frostiana – Randall Thompson – 30:00

Tuesday, April 28th

Hello everyone!

The only assignment you have this week is to complete your choir audition video or audio recording. This is a mandatory assignment necessary for proper placement into choir next year. 

If you do not have the ability to record yourself via video or audio, you MUST email me immediately and let me know. You will not be penalized. 

Graduating seniors, you do not have an assignment this week. 

Follow THIS LINK to submit your video or audio link!


I am still accepting submissions for our Fun Friday! If you would like to perform, play, or compose ANYTHING, please submit it to THIS LINK and it will be shared! 

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